(23)Polin's Photos: Unique layout for each photoshoot

Polina is a fashion photographer who shoots experimental stories, trying to emphasize the uniqueness of each model.

Her works are a mix of bold concepts, enhanced by exceptional stylists. My goal was to highlight the individuality of each photoshoot while remaining understandable to the average consumer.


The project started with an analysis of Polina's photoshoots. I found that all of them have a very expressive character, and it is very difficult to put two photoshoots close to each other. In particular, some colors worked well within one shoot, but clashed if placed next to each other.

Therefore, I decided that it is worth using the principle of proximity in the context of one shoot, but on the contrary, spreading the photoshoots far apart from each other, based on the principle of contrast.

Research for a photoshoot page.

All photos has different colors, visual weight.

Diptych exploration for the home page.


Every photoshoot is characterized not only by the image of the model, but also by the color. And I decided to put the emphasis on this graphic element. Each new added photoshoot creates a new color code.

As for typography, I choose contrasting fonts. Large display headers are a large serif, while a fairly neutral sans-serif was used for the text, which worked well in uppercase.

Colors taken from photo sessions with a slight desaturation adjustment.

Apparel Display has 2 beautiful fonts: Regular and Italic.

Maison Neue is my day-to-day go-to. It's super versatile, and I picked it for this project.


The layout is a special story because there are no repeating compositions.

I went for a diagonal placement of photos and texts with different angles of inclination as the main principle. But in some places, I intentionally used a horizontal orientation to break up the dynamic feel of the compositions.

Principle of composition creation.

Sneak peek at some of the layouts on the website.


The next step was to prepare assets for publication on Webflow. I created layouts of photoshoots in order to upload them to the website in a structured manner.


The project was implemented on Webflow using combo-classes for color coding. Additionally, a reveal animation was implemented that is worth checking out live.