(22)Deep Blue X: flexible investments = flexible identity

Deep Blue X is a Berlin-based crypto fund founded by a former venture capitalist D. Höpfner, a former unicorn founder F. Eismann, and blockchain experts.

The company invests only in disruptive, eco-friendly, and tradable coins. As such, their goal was to create a digital-first visual language that captures the dynamic and fluid nature of the cryptocurrency market.


At first, there wasn't much on the plate. The name "Deep Blue" and the tagline "flexible coin investments". The tagline had a noteworthy word in "flexible" that could be translated into visuals and serve as a foundation of the company's logo.

I started experimenting with the letters and discovered that by stretching them, I could create a dynamic logo that would adapt to different formats or containers, supporting the value of flexibility.

At a certain stage in the design process, the client decided to add an "X" to the name and asked me to come up with  an alternative version that could function as a frame. I explored a few more variations.

The X logo, consisting of two halves, can be used as a bracket and a frame. An alternative version that gave a life to another, safer solution.

The diagonal lines in the “X” create a contrast against the text in the logo, making it more visually appealing.

At some point in the design process, the company name did not include the letter "X". As a result, I experimented with repetitive letters, focusing on the use of the letter "e".


Choosing the color was the easiest part, especially with a company name like "Deep Blue X". The good thing is that the blue color evokes feelings of trust, confidence and security, which are important values in the cryptocurrency industry.

Further, I focused on the feeling of market fluidity, so I tried to implement a subtle blur effect that would flow across the canvas, creating an impression of depth.

The black, white and blue color serves as a solid, trustworthy foundation for the company.

One of the backgrounds also has a subtle pixelated grid pattern that adds an extra touch.

Faktum was chosen as the primary typeface for its sharp appearance, and its versatility in serving both as a header and regular text font.


For the logo, I left some room for creativity. The design can be either in one line or in two. The "X" symbol can be used in its basic form or stretched to the width of the container. However, some rules still apply. It is preferable to keep the combination of two letters close to the "phi" proportion.

The website layout is kept simple. For the first version, we decided not to overload users with information and follow the KISS principle. Therefore, navigation elements are placed on the periphery of the canvas, while the content is centered.

It is worth mentioning the X symbol separately, which can be used as a pattern as an alternative to the pixel grid or simply as a post on Instagram.

The default logo container has sub-containers with a ratio closer to phi.

Names and images have been respectfully changed.

Patterned X in a square format serves as a nice Instagram post.


The Deep Blue X identity accurately represents the company’s values and mission.

The MVP version of the website was implemented in just a few days thanks to Webflow and the simple structure of the layout. In the future, the project will be developed into a full-fledged product story. In the meantime, check it out live.