Neat branding, kinky typography, asymmetric layouts. Sketch × Webflow × Glyphs. Coffee addict. Designer, not a graphic software operator. Digital nomad. Street photography enthusiast. Composition explorer in films by Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Eggers, Andrei Tarkovsky & Martin McDonagh. Current Music Favs are King Krule & Mac Demarco. Shout-out to My Daughter & Wife.

Handsome man. Oh wait. That's me

300 SL

Vintage Cars Mag presents a new article about “the ultimate dream car” aka “Sports Car of the Century”. Gullwing is a hero which simply can't be passed by.

Art × Outfits

Layout and type selections for an app with a spotlight on stylish artists who are far more than just creators – who also have an excellent taste in outfts.

PAN Display [wip]

Typeface design dedicated to a God of the wild and companion of the nymphs. The typeface transforms Pan's horns, curvy hairs and kinky intentions into letters.

GIF animation showcasing layouts from Polin's Photos website ↗

Art direction, website design and implementation on Webflow for a fashion photographer. Unique layouts sparkle Polina's approach to emphasize everyone personal oddness.

Saul Leiter

Series of biography articles in an app format about photography maestro – Saul Leiter. Background color changes depending on the photo pick.

The Lighthouse

Folklore, myths, silent screams, black and white contrast, opposing characters, spiky typography – all in cinema afisha of The Lighthouse.


Career showcase of one of the top scorers in NBA. James Harden changed the game. Layout with subtle photography and wide typography fills the space like a court.


VCM continues as an article dedicated to a 912 Porsche model. Classic shapes are praised with an international-styled typography and a layout with plenty of white space. All eyes are on the car as it should be.

Danny Fox

An art gallery app with Danny Fox acrylic paintings. Mix of energetic colors with his real-life encounters wrapped in a typography surroundings makes the app an art canvas itself.


Magazine article with important news from Mac’s website. Extremely chilly and lazy-made layout pushing neutral typography to a next level of emphasizing Mac’s mustaches. Freaking out the neighborhood.


Exploration of Paul Thomas Anderson cinematography in a form of a digital article. Miniature images are placed around the canvas like a film tape cuts which try to force us to microscope them because they are these much important.


Darion famous is a fashion icon. Multilayered composition reflects his sophisticated outfit choices. Exploration in a 1:1 format is a nice reference to an early Instagram era.

J. Fowles

A work dedicated to the beloved writer John Fowles. Curvy typography reflects his sophisticated, kinky and twisted plots.

King Krule

The feed that aggregates King Krule’s activity. Dark desaturated colors and graveyardy glyphs set the mood. Mystical & melancholic. Like King Krule’s music.

Coffee spot

A few layouts for a local coffee shop. Layout asymmetry emphasize the type hierarchy. Red color of the fonts translates the energy behind a coffee cup.

VCM. Issue 01

Vintage Cars Mag is an enthusiastic digital zine with an eye on classic shapes. Retro typography adds an extra nice touch to the overall look & feel. The work stands on three pillars: desaturated color, modular grid, big type.